1. An Illustrated Guide to Playing it Cool

  2. Make the Crystal Light Lip Balm You’ve Never Wanted With Just The Tips

  3. MTV’s Buckwild Is Returning…To Sarah Palin’s Hometown in Alaska

  4. Emergency Beauty Tips for When You’re in a Crunch

  5. The Maude’s Scale for Those Who “Literally Can’t”

  6. Little Orphan Annie is Grown Up and Probably Super Fun to Get Drunk With

  7. Illustrated Subtweets: What We Talk About When We Talk About Wine

  8. Rediscover Your Calling in Life With SNAFU the Series

  9. Twitter Never Sleeps: The Best Tweets You Missed

  10. Amy Schumer Tricks the Man (Into her Bed!)

  11. Hang With The Funny Lady Film Club and You Are Bound 2 Fall in Love With Bound

  12. Questions That Will Finally be Answered by the Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

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