Aidy Bryant Freaks Out in Her First SNL Promos and Seth Rogen Is There, Too

If it were our first time, we would've cried, furiously Googled instructions, and taken a Polaroid for our scrapbook — just like all our first times!

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It is widely acknowledged that Seth Rogen needs a strong lady by his side to keep his ass in line. (But really, what man doesn’t? Ay-yo!! *crushes a box of Franzia on forehead*) Babs “Barbara Streisand” Streisand once kept watch but when she moved on to bigger and better things (like being Barbara fucking Streisand and/or swiping a sorcerer’s conjuring cloak from a Medieval Times and wwearing it to the Oscars), no one was woman enough to step up to the plate. Until now.

In the new SNL promos, Aidy Bryant works Rogen like he’s an anthropomorphized dormouse with an entertaining laugh and a heartwarming gift of song instead of a three-time host. Sure, Aidy gets a little intimated &mdash it is her first time appearing in a promo — but it’s nothing that bossing around the star of Pineapple Express and the upcoming Neighbors can’t cure. Aidy Bryant, you’re a hero.

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