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Celebrity Motivational Posters You Didn’t Know You Needed

Let Kanye tell you that you KAN!

Remember those posters that were plastered across every inch of wall in your guidance counselor’s office? The ones with pictures of a person hang gliding or a row of ducks crossing the street, bordered by inspirational text that shouted at you to BELIEVE! or that TEAMWORK IS DREAMWORK! Well, as corny as they were, sometimes they fucking worked. Since we’re older and more savvy, a glossy hi-res shot of a multicolored hot air balloon gliding across a forrest canopy just won’t cut it anymore, so we made our own motivational posters starring some of your favorite celebs. Because sometimes smiling Kanye on a zipline is all you need to get through the day.


courtney confidence

mccain fan

bieber express

snoop true


diddy mona

snooki prepartion


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