Choose Your Own Adventure: Fun With Stock Photography!

Pictures of women, doing things! What ARE they doing? You decide!


For a fun adventure, choose your own! Inspired by the books we all loved as kids, take a look at these stock pictures of women doing things and go on a fantastical journey of your choice!

We’ll start with the woman above. What is she doing? Is she:

A. Training for a marathon that goes around the equator?

B. Escaping a pack of wolves? Wolves with swords? Swords that shoot bullets? Bullets that shoot fireworks?

C. Running to meet her love, the Esteemed Dear Leader of North Gurglestan (who anxiously awaits with an assortment of fine macarons)?

D. Undercover copping in Hawaii for the sole purpose of exposing M’ ala’ Kipua, the most feared vampire on the Big Island?

How about this woman? Is she:


A. Welcoming incoming energy from the mothership?

B. FINALLY rid of that possum who has been terrorizing her and her roommate since Valentine’s Day? By the way: guess who’s in the soup! Crazy possum!

C. Frozen in between ugly crying and ugly laughing in a fleeting moment of unparalleled confusion that could only be cured in direct sunlight?

D. Laying a dragon egg?

How about this woman? Is she:


A. Sending the signal to 200 snipers to “go for it”?

B. Reattaching her ear because her human disguise was bought at Planet XWCHHHHH’s least reputable costume shop?

C. Using her brain to control the weather? (Looks like it’s gonna be sunny with a chance of gorgeous!)

D. Testing out the next Google thing, but trying really hard to dig it out of her skull because it’s giving her migraines and she’s only smiling because she can’t let her fear show?

Or are all of them just high because it’s 4-20, nerds? Use your imagination to explore!

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