Dating Trend: Sterlings Will Only Break Your Heart

If there is a "Sterling" filter for online dating, use it. Save yourself.


This week, former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling proved that he was the worst boyfriend ever and now he doesn’t even own a basketball team anymore. But he’s only one in a long line of men named “Sterling” who are hard-wired to let down womankind. Here are some more awful Sterlings, and consider this your warning to steer clear of any and all future Sterlings:

Roger Sterling

A man on a desperate search for himself or just a really enlightened boner. He seems carefree, but he probably has herpes, like, thirty times over.


Sterling Archer

Total cad, voracious idiot, adult baby.


Sterling Holloway*

The original voice of Winnie the Pooh and probably a nice guy — until he starts talking dirty to you in the Pooh voice. But it’s cool if you like that. We just wanted to warn you.


Steel Sterling

Superman wannabe with major daddy issues and an “electrolyzed tongue.” It only seems like a good idea.



*Does not deserve to be on this list.

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