Goddess Bless: Preorder Megan Amram’s Science…For Her!

Hopefully our lady bird-brains will finally learn something about science!


Womyn! Step forth from the dark shadows of ignorance! Our savior has come to teach us the ways of modern man, using simple terms that our tiny fragile brains can understand! Expand your mind by preordering Science…For Her!, the new book by the uproariously hilarious Megan Amram, on Amazon!

You probably know Amram from her stellar Twitter account and you’ve probably laughed at her jokes every week without knowing it while watching Kroll Show and Parks and Recreation. Now this November 4th, you’ll be able to cuddle up with her words, conveniently bound in a hardcover book. On her blog, Amram describes her lady-focused “faux-expert compendium of scientific knowledge” in a way we can all understand:

Science…For Her! is a science textbook written by a lady (me) for other ladies (you, the Spice Girls, etc.) It has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout history: female brains aren’t biologically constructed to understand scientific concepts, and tiny female hands aren’t constructed to turn most textbooks’ large, extra-heavy covers. I’ve written a fun, flirty, Cosmopolitan-like textbook that is tailored to you, ladies. And men, don’t be scared away! You’ll enjoy it too, especially if you’re dumb or gay!!

Go preorder this book and reread her entire Twitter feed because the kids aren’t home from school yet and you’re too dumb to figure out how to turn on the television by yourself!

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