Historic Moments With Beats by Dre

The original Bill of Rights included an amendment guaranteeing the personal right to high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Last week it was speculated (and pretty much confirmed by Dr. Dre himself) that Apple is going to purchase the rapper’s headphone and music streaming company, Beats Entertainment. The deal would be historic, making Dre the first billionaire in hip-hop. But this won’t be the first time that Beats by Dre makes history: few people realize how important these headphones were in the making of America. Hop on The Maude’s groovy time machine and take a look at other memorable Beats moments from ~the past~.

gwc beats

George Washington Carver had to listen to something while he spent so many hours researching damn peanuts.

cady beats

These powerful headphones helped Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony block out the haters and misogynists.

puritan beats

An anonymous Puritan woman experiencing joy the only way she was able to: by secretly listening to dope ass beats.

cowboy beats

As the song goes, cowboys ain’t easy to love but their annoying songs are easy to block out when you’re using Beats by Dre!

beatlemania copy

Beatlemania? More like Beatsmania!

ts kissbeat

In recent years this iconic photo has been decried as a depiction of sexual assault and with good reason: clearly this poor girl was snuck up on when she was just trying to jam out to that new Glenn Miller track.

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