How to Play it Cool at Your Wedding

Sure, it's a big day, but it isn't, like, the biggest day.


Congrats! You’re getting married! It’s your big day and all eyes are going to be on you! But what really matters is him and his eyes. Will his eyes be on you? Probably… I mean, you are marrying him. But one can never be too sure! You don’t want to be too eager because if there is one thing that kills boners it’s genuine expressions of emotion. Remember: this is a man who at any moment can become too grossed out to marry you if you reveal how excited you are. So here are some ways to play it coy and cool at your own wedding.

The First Look
You know how the photographer asked you and your husband-to-be to meet him for some “first look” shots before the ceremony? Don’t show up. You don’t want your man to think that you aren’t cool and don’t have other plans. You have a ton of other plans. You could be doing literally anything else right now.

The Procession
This is your grand entrance and probably the most anticipated moment of your wedding. As you are walking down the aisle, your father by your side, definitely don’t make eye contact with your groom. Maybe, like, wave to someone behind him or pull out your phone and start texting. If you do text, definitely laugh really loudly, as if someone texted you something super funny.

The Vows
He’s talking to you, which is a great sign! But this is also a pivotal moments: you could lose your cool at any time and start thinking about “the future,” which will make him think you’re clingy. Try including this line in your vows: “til death do us part, I guess…” He’ll love the joke but, most importantly, he’ll know you aren’t trying to wife him up or anything dramatic like that.

The Reception
Okay, you’ve done a really good job at playing it cool thus far so you’re probably in the clear to get your flirt on. But before you dance with your now-husband, dance with someone else so it isn’t grossly obvious that you’ve been waiting for this moment since you were a little girl. Maybe dance with your dad first?

Just remember to have fun at your wedding, but not too much fun, because you literally have a hundred other options.

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