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Jessica Paré Reveals MAJOR Mad Men Spoilers (and by “Major”, We Mean “Fake”)

There's a new Sterling in town...


Ladies, I have some major Mad Men/em> scoops! These scoops are so good that you’re going to want to throw them in a pan, douse them in salsa, cover them with a generous layer of grated queso fresco, maybe toss some black beans in the mix, charred hot peppers, onions that were previously caramelized in a cast-iron skillet, place that in the upper middle of your oven, bake, undisturbed, for five to ten minutes at 350 degrees F, stand in the bathroom and frown at your pores while that’s cooking, remove the pan from the oven, place it on a trivet, top the dish with some sour cream and diced tomatoes (but only if tomatoes are in season!), call up your roommate and tell her that you made nachos, get angry that she is out with her ex-boyfriend again, start fighting after she calls you “judgmental,” hang up and mumble to yourself about how no one appreciates your compassionate and discerning advice, I mean, what am I supposed to do? Pretend that I like the guy who called Tal Fortgang an “American patriot”?! I — wait, what we were talking about again?

In this leaked DVD special feature (a.k.a., a web exclusive segment from Conan), Jessica Paré spills some juicy plot points from Mad Men‘s final season. Evidently there’s a new Sterling in town and everyone hates him.

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