MTV’s Buckwild Is Returning…To Sarah Palin’s Hometown in Alaska


The first season of MTV’s Buckwild, AKA the Jersey Shore of West Virginia, was canceled midway through its airing its first season, after the accidental death of cast member Shain Gandee. And instead of sealing a series dedicated to the drunken fights, hookups, and “stunts” of under-aged kids without resources or ambition in a vault of shameful, terrible ideas that result in tragic loss, MTV has opted to renew the series. Because who needs a soul?

Buckwild will be moving far away from its Appalachian trauma and clear across the continent to — where else? — Sarah Palin’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska. No; one show on TLC documenting Alaskan Women Looking For Love is not enough docu-series for Alaska. America is hungry for more.

According to TMZ, a brand new cast is now one month into shooting an all-new Buckwild Season 2 (the original second season was four episodes into shooting before it was shut down by producers following Shain’s death):

We’re told they’ve already shot the cast skinny dipping in freezing cold water during an ice fishing trip…and a crazy snowmobile ride through the mountains, with people being pulled on inner tubes. Our sources say the stunts being shot now may or may not make the final edit.

Feel free to kick off a petition requesting MTV take a Hippocratic Oath before attempting to execute any other ratings ploys.


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