No One Can Match This Woman’s Excitement for Rainbow Sponges

This is what it is to truly live.

rainbow sponge

Since you’re one of today’s young peoples, you probably think it’s “totally rad” and the good kind of “sick” to not care about anything. Apathy’s the new drug — you and your “twerk team” are out on the streets, shooting up some AMBIVALENCE, taking a big ol’ hit off the fat blunt of INDIFFERENCE. Oh sure, go ahead and kill my Gramps with one of your death panels, Mr. Obama. I’m too busy vlogging about how I’m too bored to vlog.

To see how far we’ve fallen, to truly demonstrate that we’ve lost all passion in life, you need look no further than the below video. This woman cares more about a painting sponge than I care about my parents, Crimea, my carbon footprint, or Pluto not being a fucking planet anymore. Look at her passion! THEY TOOK AWAY A PLANET AND I SAID NOTHING; THIS WOMAN IS PRACTICALLY SQUIRTING OVER SQUIGGLY PAINT. I AM BROKEN.

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