On the Seventh Day, Connie Britton Made a Twitter Account

wwcbd“For the Son of Man will come with his angels in the glory of his Father and will judge all people according to their deeds.” (Matthew 16:27)

We all remember that ol’ Bible passage, right? Have we lost sight of Christ in our lives? Well, that’s alright since 1) Christ forgives and 2) there were some inaccuracies in that particular verse of Matthew’s Gospel. It should have read: “For Connie Britton will join Twitter in the Glory of our Feeds and will tweet to all people “Hey y’all!”"

You may be thinking to yourself, “Kady, what are these crazy ideas you are spewing?!” To which I say, “I know a long-haired, salt-of-the-Earth type of person who had even crazier ideas!” To which you say, “But who, Kady? Who was there before you?” To which I say, “the only-begotten wife of Eric Taylor, loving mother of Maddie and Daphne, and consubstantial with every character she has every breathed life into and woman who hath witnessed her art (her hair): Connie Britton.”

You may have some questions, which is completely normal. How does Connie Britton joining Twitter change my life? How can I harness that power to do good in the world? Well, what is so wonderful and divine about following Connie Britton (spiritually and on Twitter) is that you are called to trust in her holiness, RT without question, and Fav blindly in her footsteps. When you look down at the sand and see just one pair of footsteps and some loose strands of red hair, know that is when Connie Britton carried you.

[Image via Brunch For Every Meal]

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