Opa! We’re Getting a Bigger, Fatter, Greeker Wedding!

Get ready for a My Big Fat Greek Wedding sequel


What does one get the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time? Doesn’t it already have everything it wants? What’s that you say? Give it a sequel? Why, that sounds like a fantastic idea! And so it will be: My Big Fat Greek Wedding will age nicely into My Big Fat Greek Divorce. Actually we don’t know what the project is being called, but we do know that My Big Fat Greek Wedding writer and star Nia Vardalos as well as producer Rita Wilson are returning for a sequel.

According to THR, MBFGW originated from Vardalos’ “one-woman play…that told of her life growing up in a Greek household in Winnipeg and then marrying a non-Greek.” When Wilson, who is half-Greek, saw the L.A. play, she brought it to the attention of her husband, Tom Hanks.

Vardalos, who is an alum of Chicago’s renown Second City, confirmed the good news earlier today on her personal Twitter account.

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