Questions That Will Finally be Answered by the Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel

It's been twenty-one damn years — they better deliver!

It was announced last week that the beloved American comedy Mrs. Doubtfire is getting a sequel. Honestly I loved the movie when it came out — in 1993 — but I couldn’t help but feel that we, the audience, were jilted. Mrs. Doubtfire ends with so many unanswered questions and loose threads; a sequel seemed not only deserved but also inevitable. Yet, shockingly, the years passed without a single Helloooo. 1994, ’95, ’96, 2007 all came and went; eventually I gave up on getting my answers.

But thanks to this golden age of misplaced nostalgia, Mrs. Doubtfire 2 is coming. Finally some of cinema’s greatest cliffhangers will be resolved! Below are the questions that have been plaguing me for twenty-one years:

  • Is Euphegenia’s House still on the air?
  • Is Euphegenia’s House developed into a movie and, if so, does Mrs. Doubtfire 2 enter the meta terrain of films like Being John Malkovich?
  • What are the longterm effects of wearing that much makeup everyday?
  • If the television program didn’t work out, did Daniel do kids’ birthday parties or was that sort of, like, ruled out?
  • Does Matt Lawrence develop a horrible inhalant addiction after his first semester at San Diego State?
  • Does Miranda finally find true love with a woman who wears sensible loafers and non-aggressive pant suits?
  • Since both feature Harvey Fierstein participating in drag, was Mrs. Doubtfire the prequel or the sequel to Hairspray?
  • How has young Natalie navigated the post-9/11, electronic surveillance era? Did her parents’ tumultuous split drive her straight into slam poetry’s open arms?
  • Is there a Scottish alternate universe where a homely housekeeper wanted to recapture her daughter’s love so she dressed in drag as a fumbling yet lovable younger man but things got complicated when her daughter started to fall for drag persona?
  • Will the housing crisis force the Hillard family to relocate to a smaller house in a more affordable neighborhood? Do they have a family money, a plot point not much explored in the first movie?

Wherever this second movie takes us, hopefully it just lives up to the twenty-one-year hype. Of course, we could find out all of these answers by just reading the books, but that’s no fun!

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