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Quiz: Are You in a Gym or a Health Club?

Avoid working out by taking this quiz!


You know you’ve just entered a facility that encourages an active lifestyle, but is it a regular ol’ gym or swanky health club? It’s hard to remember what the brochure said while you’re anxiously staring down the free weights. (Do you lift them over your head? Can you sit on them? Is that noise required?) Because we’re heros, we’re going to help you figure out where you’re working out. Move over, Buzzfeed, we’re about to take the useless quiz throne!

Are you in a Gym or a Health Club?

  1. Assuming there are framed pictures on the walls, do they depict: (A) tranquil landscapes of stones placed at aesthetically pleasing distances from one another? -or- (B) a class sprinting up the Great Wall of China in New Balances?
  2. Upon entering the facility, does the energy make you feel like (A) the staff could legally and safely perform small medical procedures at the reception desk? -or- (B) Doritos?
  3. Your fellow patrons are (A) wearing coordinated LuluLemon outfits -or- (B) taking naps on weight machines.
  4. Hungry after your work out? Luckily there is (A) a cold-presssed juice bar! -or- (B) an overturned vending machine that you can sneak your hand into!
  5. In the locker rooms, there are complimentary (A) towels -or- (B) naked 110-year-olds walking around.
  6. With a slight change of lighting, the building could be converted into a (A) swanky night club where women wear backless white dresses held together by gold chains -or- (B) a gym that couldn’t pay its electric bill.
  7. An oil pull is (A) swishing coconut oil around in your mouth for twenty-minutes to boost immunity and freshen your breath -or- (B) what you do to get your hair in a ponytail after your workout because you sure as hell aren’t going to step in those nasty showers.
  8. Getting bored of the same elliptical routine? Well, you can always (A) take an intensive core pilates class -or- (B) leave.
  9. Does the phrase “juice cleanse” mean (A) replenishing your body with essential nutrients while ridding it of toxins -or- (B) wiping down the workout machines.

If you answered mostly A’s: you’re in a swanky health club!

If you answered mostly B’s: you’re not buying into the soulless money pit that is a health club, so you’re at a gym!

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