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Sara Schaefer’s Hilarious New Web Series, Day Job, is Almost Too Accurate

We highly recommend watching this while you're on the clock!

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Comedian Sara Schaefer, of Nikki & Sara Live fame, just released eight episodes of her new web series, Day Job. We highly recommend marathoning the entire series — unless you are currently at a shitty office job, in which case you should probably avoid these since they could cause some super intense anxiety. I haven’t worked a job like this in almost eight months and still I was reeling from the flashbacks. Some of the incidents are so spot-on that it’s like reliving all those office-wide emails of New Yorker cartoons meant to passive-aggressively address the “fridge situation.” But screw that — go ahead and watch all eight episodes because they’re cathartic and hilarious and you are not your day job! YOU ARE NOT YOUR DAY JOB! Repeat that as much as you need while you huddle in the break room.

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