The Best Mood-Killing, Bad-Taste Double Features

See these double features and just try to maneuver your way through a conversation!


I’m not expecting any movie theaters to take my suggestions, but here are some great ideas for double features that might turn people off to in-person interaction and to pop culture altogether! But why leave the house? Stay in, try finding these on Netflix or Amazon, and ease your way into a ruined date night!

Jaws / Teeth: And then make out!

Silkwood / Office Space: Workplaces, amirite?

The Notebook / 50 First Dates: Basically the same movie!


The Last Temptation of Christ / Life of Brian: An Easter tradition! (h/t Susana Polo)

Sophie’s Choice / Mom’s Night Out: Seriously, what could go wrong?


Rosemary’s Baby / Knocked Up: Again, basically the same movie.

Malcolm X / Blazing Saddles: There’s a new sheriff in town…


Sunshine/ This Is the End: A crew of tragic, hero astronauts risk their lives…to save these assholes!

Dancer In the Dark / Rocky Horror Picture Show: Dreams and songs and different levels of tragedy, but tragedy nonetheless!

Philadelphia / Liar Liar: Courtroom drama, bodily afflictions, fear… lessons learned!


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