The Best Tattoos That Dolly Parton Might Have

Be inked and be proud, Dolly. We will always love you.

FERN BRITTON MEETS...DOLLY PARTONOur sister-wives over at Jezebel have uncovered something truly exciting that may or may not be true: country legend Dolly Parton might be sporting some serious ink, including work on her equally legendary boobs! But for some reason, she’s always kept it covered up! This is a cryin’ shame, but maybe she has some stories that are just too hard to explain. Here are some pieces that Dolly might be hiding and we’ll just leave the explanations (and the truth) to our wild imaginations.

“Jolene” in Chinese lettering (?)


Whitesnake logo


The Tupacorn


Billy Joel lyrics


The official tattoo of the Class of ’98


This is obviously a lot of speculation, but I’d put money on Dolly having a top-notch Tupacorn. (Which is, by the way, the unofficial tattoo of the Class of ’98.)

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