TOTALLY MISHEARD!: the Greatest Hits of the ’90s as Compiled by Your Mom

All the songs she half-mumbles out of tune while scrubbing the toilet, finally collected on one album!


Are you a ’90s kid? Did you first hear Juvenile’s “Back That Azz Up” while being driven to drama rehearsal in your mom’s Toyota Sienna? Were you forced to sit through some weird approximation of a sex talk after your mom walked in on Five’s “When The Lights Go Out” playing on TRL? Have you recently tried to jam to your favorite hits of yesteryear but found it just wasn’t the same? From the company that brought you Turn Off That Racket: Your Dad’s Least Favorite Pop Punk Songs and Get Her Good and Ready: Step-Uncle Tyler’s Songs of Seduction comes TOTALLY MISHEARD!, a compilation of some of the ’90s greatest hits, as selected and critiqued by your mom!

TOTALLY MISHEARD! features 18 chart-topping, heart-pounding hits from the late 20th century overlaid with real-life commentary provided by your mom while she was cleaning, watching her stories, and/or hovering over your shoulder, asking you to play that Madonna song when she was a cowgirl and her arms weren’t as manly! You get all the ’90s smashes you love along with the incessant pestering and slightly racist comments about hip hop that remind you of home. TOTALLY MISHEARD! is the pure ’90s experience you have been waiting for, from the Eve 6 song that soundtracked your first slow dance at prom to the sounds of your mother pouring herself another rosé while rambling about how this song reminds her of the guy who took her virginity.

You get it all: “That Sad Dying Dog Song on TV” by That Girl Who’s Pretty But Is Sending The Wrong Message With Her Short Hair; “This Is Such A Depressing Song — Stop Playing This, I Want To Dance! .. What Do You Mean He Married Gwen Stefani?!” by Seriously She Can Do Better With Those Abs, Hey, Play Her “Tick Tock” Song!; “La La La La, Macarena! Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah, Macarena!” by I Danced To This At Your Cousin’s Wedding And I Knew Even Then It Wouldn’t Last; “Well That’s Not Nice, Why Are They Talking About Peeing In A Song?” by What In The Hell Is A Chumbawumba I Bet It’s A Drug Thing! and 14 other dope tracks that your mother hummed to us until we could guess her selections correctly!

You don’t want to miss out on this offer! From “That Song You Used To Play All The Time — C’mon, You Know The One! It’s About ‘Your Life’ Or Something” to “Play That Macarena Song Again!” to your mom’s worst mispronunciations of singers’ names, it’s all here on two incredible CDs. TOTALLY MISHEARD!: everything you can’t find on the radio with the passive aggressive berating you’ve been trying to work through at therapy for years!

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