Watch the Trailer for Steve and Nancy Carell’s Angie Tribeca, Starring Rashida Jones

Life in the LAPD is a lot funnier than you originally thought. Probably just as racist though.

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 6.08.03 PM

I found Rashida Jones’ departure from Parks and Recreation incredibly hard to swallow, and that’s not just because my glands were swollen to the size of a POG slammer. (#ThisIsWhyICantHangOutWithAnyOfMyFriendsWhoAreDoingTeachForAmerica  #TheirStudentsAreTooStickyAndSniffleyAndSmallAndLikelyToCarryDiseases #LikeGutterRatsThatKnowHowToRead) But it’s time to turn over a new leaf, an act that is made easier by the hilarious trailer for Jones’ new series, Angie Tribeca, and the fact that Ann Perkins’ absence has led to a more Retta-centric Pawnee. (Momma likes.)

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